Become a "JEDI" Level, ninja level, virtuoso level chart patterns trader through the strategic MASTERY of our chart patterns one by one, month by month, assimilating chart patterns and putting them to work with good reward to risk ratios and trading business math to help you make, keep, grow and compound your money, potentially onto extraordinarily levels.

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Just one of these chart patterns fully assimilated can put you in a position for stacking potential tremendous wealth over time.

You can use these chart patterns for day trading, for swing Trading, for position Trading, for trading big trend trading, for trading Forex, for trading binary options, for trading options, for trading stocks, for trading futures...

We will teach you the universal language of price action price patterns. Price flow speaks a language and in order for you to crush it in the markets you're going to have to learn the language of the markets.

Price on the price charts speak very much in a way similar to spoken or written language or music, even. It's a fascinating study. And when you have deep study & understanding of all three then you can see the connection between these three modalities of communication.

Your job is to read the marketplace by reading the chart patterns and start to puting them into complete thoughts, putting those thoughts into paragraphs and chapters as well.